Feedly Mini is back [Chrome]

feedly Mini is back!
Our popular web browsing companion is officially relaunching today with a brand new user interface and a suite of new features. feedly Mini is a Chrome extension that keeps you connected to your feedly as you browse, allowing you to save, tag, share or subscribe to the great content you find each day.
A big thank you to all the users to participated to the beta program.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does feedly Mini work on every site?
feedly Mini should show up on most of the sites you browse allowing you to share, save or subscribe to new content — you can even save articles from sites you’re not already subscribed to. However, feedly Mini has a blacklist of sites where it shouldn’t appear, so you can specify sites on which you don’t want feedly Mini to appear (see Options to edit the blacklist). Feedly Mini will also not appear on sites that use HTTPS (SSL).
Can I disable feedly Mini?
Yes. Click on the feedly mini icon, select the gear option and you will find a checkbox that let’s enable/disable feedly Mini.
Will feedly Mini be available on Firefox or Safari?
feedly Mini is currently available only as an extension for the Chrome web browser. We’re evaluating which other browsers we should support in future releases. Please let us know in the comments below what browsers you use.
Does feedly Mini collect any information about my browsing history?
No. We value your privacy and will not collect any information about the sites you browse while feedly Mini is active.
Why doesn’t feedly Mini work on HTTPS pages?
We are just being extra cautious: we do not want to interfere with HTTPS pages and we do not want users to grant us access to HTTPS pages.

Introducing slider: A new way to read on feedly [Updated]

Our goal at feedly is to connect readers to the sources of information they love and deliver the best possible reading experience. Based on feedback from many of our readers, we’re launching a new way to read articles in feedly we call the slider view. Here’s how it works and why we’re sure you’ll love it:
The Slider

When you click on an article in feedly, that content will now appear in a card that slides open from the right edge of your screen.
Easier Reading

While reading, this makes it super easy to jump back and forth between your list of unread articles and the content you want to read.
Better Navigation

When you have an article open, the slider article card includes left / right navigation buttons that make it simple for you to quickly page through unread content using your mouse. As always, you can use the ‘j’ and ‘k’ keyboard shortcuts to navigate through articles, as well.
Faster Sharing

The slider makes it even easier to share your favorite content, because sharing buttons are always kept visible while reading, especially when scrolling down long articles.
Better Discovery

When discovering new sources on feedly, the new format makes it much easier for you to check out a source and read a few articles without losing your place in the search results.
We’d love to hear what you think of the new slider view in the comments below.
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Some quick bug fixes [Update on Friday]
A big thank you to all the users who provided us feedback and bug reports during the last 12 hours. We just pushed out a new version which fixes the following issues:

o/x keyboard shortcuts will close the slider if it is open
n/p keyboard shortcuts will close the slider and bring the focus back to the main list
Fixed bug in which grandfathered users were asked to upgrade to Pro to access Buffer or Pocket
Fixed preview issue in Firefox 31
Fixed “card view has only 2 columns on Chrome Safari and Firefox beta” bug
Spacebar allows you to navigate vertically in the slider

We are going to continue to listen and look out for bugs and suggestions on how to improve the slider so that it works for more workflows and more screen sizes. Thanks for the great feedback!
More bug fixes and enhancements [23.1 / Monday night]
We crunched through a lot of awesome feedback over the week. We are releasing 23.1 today to fix more bugs and integrate some of the best suggestions. Here is the change log for 23.1:

Better centering on wide screens
Added previous and next arrows to the home section
Keyboard navigation in the slider using arrow keys
Fixed bug in email option
Do not include the sharebar if there are no shortcuts defined
Re-enabled sharebar at the top and at the bottom of the full article view when the slider is not used
Hide article link closes the slider
Fixed Safari 5 bug
Fixed “more sources” bug
Fixed “card view has only 2 columns in Chrome canary”
Fixed “sharebar floating over content” bug

Please clear your cache and reload feedly.com to make sure that you are running the latest 23.1.825 update. You can see your version information at http://feedly.com/#console
We are going to continue to listen and improve the slider experience so if you have suggestions or run into bugs, please continue to be vocal.
Frequently Asked Question
I don’t like this new format. Can I keep the old one?
There is a new Slider knob in the Preferences which allows you to limit the use of the slider to the Card view only (roughly the same behavior we had in v22).

I’m still seeing the old article view, what’s going on?
First clear your cache and refresh the browser to make sure that you are running the latest version of feedly.
By default, you’ll see the new slider view on the ‘Magazine’ and ‘Cards’ layouts, but not the ‘Title Only’ layout. Visit your feedly Preferences to select the layouts you want to use the slider view. The ‘Full Article’ layout will function as it always has.
Can I customize the share and save options that appear on the top of each article? I don’t want to have to use the dropdown menu to share to my favorite site.
Yes. In the “Sharing Shortcuts” section of your feedly Preferences, you can select up to 6 sharing or saving services to show directly on the article toolbar.
In one of the screenshots, I see multiple tabs, how is that possible?
If you go to the “Add Content” section of your feedly and start exploring for new content, try choosing a site. That source’s page will open in the slider. If you then choose an article, this pattern results in the creation of multiple tabs. (You can also do this in reverse, by picking an article and then clicking the source link near the top.) The goal is to allow users to drill down, while staying in the same context and not get lost while navigating between pages.
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