Как сделать скриншот в Windows 10Каких только нет способов, чтобы сделать…

Как сделать скриншот в Windows 10 | Компьютер для чайников
Как сделать скриншот в Windows 10
Каких только нет способов, чтобы сделать скриншот в Windows! Очевидно, как раз это разнообразие и сбивает с толку новичков, которые среди множества советов не могут разобраться, как же лучше, проще и быстрее сделать скриншот. Эта статья объяснит вам, как делается скриншот в Windows 10, и где он потом сохраняется, а ещё опишет альтернативные способы получить снимок экрана для вашего удобства.
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Join feedly and help make customer support awesome

Update: Nov 21st – This position has been filled. We are excited to have Petr join feedly and lead our customer support group. More in this the first week of January. -Edwin

Hello. We are looking for someone to join the feedly team and lead our customer relationship efforts. This is an important role at feedly because you will be in direct contact with our users and will have a direct impact on how successful they are at using feedly.
Here is a short overview who we are and the qualities we are looking for in a candidate.
Who are we?

Feedly is a team of 10 people serving 8M+ users.
We are passionate about the Open Web, the power of personalization and our mission to connect people to the ideas and information that matters to them. We have big ambitions for feedly.
We are profitable – with a feedly Pro community of 60K subscribers (and growing). We are thrilled that our users are our customers – it helps us focus on building an awesome product (And it also makes the relationship with our users super important).
We recently announced the upcoming team/business version of feedly and the level of demand has been huge. We are working on scaling the team to respond to the amazing level of interest from the community.
Our differentiation is based on design, ease of use, and technology. So we heavily invest in pushing the limits on both fronts. We have a very refined and iterative design process and we use a modern technology stack on both the front end and the back end.
Although our main focus is on building a great product and serving our customers, we are also investing time into nurturing our core values and culture: “Passion for learning/Growth mindset”, “Design like you are right, and listen like you are wrong” and “See opportunity in crisis”.
We have a flat organization and work with an agile monthly development process. Everything is discussed openly. Every member of the team has high autonomy and can have high impact at many levels of the product and company culture.
We take care of our team. We provide competitive salaries, very generous stock option packages, and a full slate of benefits including health coverage and pre-tax commuter benefits. We also believe in work/life balance: we are in this for the long term.
We have a flexible vacation policy, sponsor sports packages, and provide a monthly book allowance to encourage personal growth. Perks include the best equipment available on the market to help you get your job done. We pride ourselves on company get-togethers like our weekly lunches and our monthly Roadmap meetings, which reinforce our culture of collaboration and connectivity.
We have offices in Palo Alto and San Francisco to help optimize teamwork while minimizing commute.

You are:

You have a growth mindset and love to continuously learn and grow.
You are patient, empathic and enjoy interacting with customers.
You are persistent and energetic and ready to do whatever it takes to help customers troubleshoot issues.
You are a team player and enjoy working with the product team to learn how products work and offer feedback on how to improve the experience.
You enjoy sharing knowledge and information with others, writing tutorials and FAQ articles.
You either live in the San Francisco area or are interested in a remote working experience.

During your first year at feedly you will:

Help thousands of interesting users. The feedly community is very diverse and comes from all over the world. From the academic researcher who uses feedly to stay on top of the latest publications in her field to the social media specialist, CIO, doctor, lawyer, as well as the passionate fly fishing enthusiast, rock climbing fanatic, YouTube fan and die-hard foodie … 8 Million users following 40+ million of feeds on the web means you will get to interact with people from all over the map.
Enhance the toolkit we use to support our users and make them more successful. The team has been working on building feedly for over 6 years now. We have a number of tools and systems in place to try and provide the most effective support to our user community (tutorials, knowledge base, Helpscout). Of course, these efforts can always be improved. As the lead for customer relations, you will be able to expand on these existing tools and build on these foundations to provide the best level of support to the community.
Work closely with the product team on how to improve feedly. User feedback is essential to our product development process. Input that we get from the community feeds into the features that we build, the design of the app, and everyone in the team benefits from user feedback. As customer success champion, you will be the voice of the user.
Contribute to building a culture centered around doing what’s right for users.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please apply to send us some information about yourself.
Our hiring process takes 2-3 weeks. It starts with a 20-minutes Skype introduction where you get to know us and we get to know you. If there is a match, we set up a follow up meeting to learn more about your customer support experience. We finish the process with 3 short meetings where you get to talk to various people in the team – focusing on culture fit.

В Сколково займутся развитием операционной системы TizenРоссийские…

В Сколково займутся развитием операционной системы Tizen

Российские ИТ-компании создали на территории Сколково ассоциацию для разработки софта на базе открытой операционной системы Tizen во главе с руководителем местного подразделения Samsung Enterprise Business Team Андреем Тихоновым.

Организация намерена сертифицировать Tizen в соответствии с требованиями ФСБ и ФСТЭК, чтобы ею могли пользоваться в госучреждениях. Ранее на основе Tizen уже предлагали создать отечественную мобильную ОС за 1,23 млрд руб.

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При длительном использовании компьютера на его жестком диске может…

Поиск одинаковых файлов | Компьютер для чайников
При длительном использовании компьютера на его жестком диске может образовываться масса файлов, которые будут иметь свою копию или даже несколько. При этом файлы могут располагаться в разных папках и даже иметь разное имя. Сейчас выпущено немало программ, которые предназначены для поиска дубликатов и удаления ненужных копий, но их установка и использование инструментария для поиска в некоторых утилитах может вызывать определенные сложности. Если же у вас уже установлена утилита для работы с файлами Total Commander, то при ее помощи вы беспроблемно сможете отыскать дубликаты на своем компьютере.
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Safari Viewer, San Francisco and 3D touch – New feedly for iOS

The new feedly for iOS is available for download in the App Store. This update takes advantage of the enhancements in iOS 9, reduces crashes, and improves battery consumption.
Get feedly for iOS

01. Safari viewer

We integrated feedly with the new iOS 9 Safari viewer so that when you open websites you can take advantage of the full power of Safari.
02. San Francisco font

As part of iOS 9, Apple designed a new font called San Francisco which is more readable at small sizes and more beautiful when used for headlines. For those using this new operating system, we transitioned feedly’s fonts from Helvetica to San Francisco to take advantage of those new features. We are also offering you an option to use San Francisco as the default article font, if you prefer a sans serif reading experience.
03. No more background activity
Your battery is going to love this change.
04. Home screen quick actions

If you are running iPhone 6s, you can force touch the feedly app icon and quickly jump to your today, your must reads, your saved storied, or the explore section.
05. Fixes a few crashes
There were a few crash reports in the reviews. We hate crashes as much as anybody else, so we took the time to rewrite how webpages are loaded in feedly and optimize what happens when you swipe from one story to another. This should result in fewer crashes.
Get feedly for iOS
We are excited to check off one of the items in the roadmap we shared with the community last week.
-Michal, Arthur and Edwin

Как удалить цифровую подпись из файлаВ одной из предыдущих статей мы…

Как удалить цифровую подпись из файла | Компьютер для чайников
Как удалить цифровую подпись из файла

В одной из предыдущих статей мы описали вам несколько способов обойти навязчивую защиту Windows 10, которая может наложить запрет на установку приложения. В таком случае выводятся сообщения о недоверенном издателе или блокировке приложения в целях защиты. Корень этой проблемы лежит в недействительной цифровой подписи или в подписи с истёкшим сроком действия сертификата – именно поэтому Windows пытается оградить компьютер от такого рода файлов. Рассмотрим теперь и способ, устраняющий саму проблему: нет цифровой подписи – нет проблем.
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?Google Chrome с "левым сайтом"Обнаружил недавно, что у меня при запуске…

?Google Chrome с «левым сайтом»

Обнаружил недавно, что у меня при запуске компьютера самопроизвольно загружается Google Chrome и в нем красуется вкладка с неизвестным мне сайтом gameharbor.орг. Путем долгих проб и ошибок решение в итоге было найдено, но не так быстро как ожидалось. В данной статье вы узнаете как избавиться от вируса загружающего сайт, а также принцип действия данного вируса, чтобы знать как быстро от него избавиться.
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