Bug Hunt Week

The Mobile+AI Lab community is now 392 people strong!
This move to a more open and transparent process has been extremely rewarding: we are collecting great ideas and getting instant feedback on some of the bolder changes we are exploring. (See the detailed changelog below.)
We are also getting a lot of great bug reports. Thank you!
Our focus over the past 10 days was to address those bugs and polish the new experience (including scrolling, navigation, views, mark-as-read options, and night mode) so that we have a solid foundation to invite more people to the Lab and explore new ideas.
Three questions for the community:
Question 1: We did some night mode color tuning. Better? If not, can you please let us know 1/ if there is a specific part of the theme we need to refine, and 2/ what is your luminosity level?
Question 2: Are there other bugs you would like us to fix? Please post them in the “bugs” channel in Slack.
Question 3: Is there a missing feature which is not currently in the Trello roadmap that is preventing you from adopting the new app? Please post it in the “general” channel.
We love building the new Feedly in the open and look forward to the next 12 weeks!
Here is a more detailed changelog for this week’s bug hunt:

Scroll and tap to open conflict (via Jesse Flanagan, John, and Kireet)
Empty screen when loading an article after switching app (via Ryan)
Improve scrolling performance (via Chad Hudson and Cyril)
Double tap on selected bottom tab bar should scroll to the top (via Lior)
Contextual mark as read copy improvement (mark all as read versus mark current top articles as read)
Mark as read missing items (via Dan Newman)
Mark as read and refresh of the All section (via Eric L.)
Move to next feed and gray out articles after Mark all as read (via Serge Courrier)
Night mode: Improve the brightness/contrast of the mark-as-read notification (via Dan Newman)
Night mode: Better read vs unread distinction (via Lee Sprung)
Night mode: Article separators (via Daniel)
Read later tab is not selected (via Lior)
Toggle read later bug (via Lior)
Do not automatically mark-as-read articles that the user manually kept unread (via Gabe)
Auto-mark-as-read-on-scroll: improvements regarding marking-as-read the last articles on the page
Refresh automatically when the user launches the app after minutes (via sryo)
Speed up the close animation (Aaron M.)
Make compact view even more compact by inlining the source and date metadata
Mark-all-as-read button at the end of a list of articles
Second level left-to-right gesture to trigger the save to board action (via Eiselch)
Progress circle needs to be reset after changing sort or layout preference (via John)

Thank you for your time and participation.
If you aren’t yet part of the Lab and you would like to participate, you can join here.

Happy #BookLoversDay!

Books have the power to inspire, connect, and educate. Today in honor of Book Lovers Day, here are some of the books that have inspired the Feedly team as lifelong learners.
What’s on your must-read list right now? What recent read inspired you to see the world in a new way? Tweet at us, or comment below. We always respond.
Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes
Petr says, “I liked the story and how passionate one can be about running and endurance and pursuing dreams. It inspired me to run longer distances.”
Grandma Gatewood’s Walk by Ben Montgomery
Emily says, “I felt a connection to this 67-year-old woman who lived and worked on farms all her life before deciding she needed to hike the 2,050-mile Appalachian Trail. The suffering she happily endured on the trail must have been a welcome relief from the darkness of her past.”
Evicted by Matthew Desmond
Victoria says, “This is one of my faves because of the empathy and understanding it creates within you as you experience the loss of eviction through the eyes of the evicted. It’s a powerful piece on how to better take care of your neighbors.”
The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor by Gabriel García Márquez
Eduardo says “It’s easily one of my favorite books. The struggle of the guy who was adrift at sea … he never lost hope. You could almost feel what he was feeling. That’s the vividness of the writing.”
Barbarian Days by William Finnegan
Remi says, “Finnegan has a way of pulling his reader into what a life of pursuing their obsession and journeying all over the world really feels like. Bonus points for the years in South Africa which bring it back to a moment in history … beautifully written, permeating passion all the way through.
Les Fleurs Du Mal (The Flowers of Evil) by Charles Baudelaire
Guillaume says, It has the best reread value of any book I know. Every piece is incredibly beautiful and well written, and the whole volume oozes a sort of calm melancholy that always gets me.
Le Mythe de Sisyphe (The Myth of Sisyphus) by Albert Camus
David says, “This was one of the most pivotal books in my life.”
Thanks for reading!
Here are some of our most-loved books. What are yours?

Experiment 05 — Night Mode

Some of you really love to read Feedly at night, or you prefer to read in night mode all day. In Mobile+AI Lab Experiment 05, we have a new night mode theme that turns Feedly into a friendly low-light experience.

To turn on night mode, open the left navigation bar, scroll to the bottom, and tap on “night mode.”
Two questions for the community:
Question 1. For those of you who like the dark mode, does the contrast we offer in this first iteration align with what you expect?
Question 2. Did you see any theme-related bugs? Any parts we missed that are still displaying day mode when you have night mode selected?
Looking forward to seeing you on channel 05-night-mode of the Feedly Lab Slack.
-Edwin, Emily, and Petr
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Experiment 04 — Mark As Read

We collected lots of great insights in the last four weeks on people’s mark-as-read workflows. In Experience 04, we are adding to the lab application five different ways to mark articles as read.

Option 1. Tap on the check button on the top right of the page to mark the content of the page a read
Option 2. Long press on an article and mark the items before or after that article as read

Option 3. Use the swipe from right to left to mark a specific article as read (extend the gesture and hide the article)
Option 4. If you have auto-mark as read on scroll configured on Feedly Web, that setting will now be honored in the Lab app and articles will get automatically marked as read as you scroll. You can configure auto-mark-as-read on-scroll in this preference section

Option 5. At the end of each source and feed, there is a button to let you mark the articles you reviewed as read (and jump to the next source of feed)
Finally, we fixed the swipe-to-close article bug (and added a symmetric gesture for people who prefer to swipe from the right)
Three questions for the community:
Question 1. Do the 2-level swipe left to “mark-as-read and hide” feel natural?
Question 2. Do these 5 mark as read options cover all your needs?
Question 3. What would be the top 1 or 2 features you would like to see added over the next 4 weeks for the Lab app to become your default reader?
We created the Feedly Lab to give a voice to the community and make our development process more collaborative and transparent. So far the conversations have been very rewarding and insightful. Thank you!
Looking forward to your input on this new experience on channel 04 of the Feedly Lab Slack.
-Edwin, Emily, and Petr
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