Experiment 07 — iPad, Power Search, and Paged Scrolling

Experiment 07 comes with 5 different parts we want to share and discuss with you: iPad/Tablet Preview, Power Search, Settings, Paged Scrolling, and Pro upgrade – all on both Android and iOS.
iPad and Android Tablet
After twelve weeks of phone exploration, it is time to shift our focus to the tablet and see how some of the innovation translate to a bigger screen. In Experiment 07, we are sharing with you some ideas we have around how the iPad compact, text-only, magazine, and cards view might look like.

Questions for the community
Question 1 – Are you satisfied with how the new mobile views look on the iPad and Android Tablets?
Question 2 – Are you satisfied by the new navigation model and the side-by-side implementation?
We look forward to your feedback on the #ipad slack channel.
Power Search
Power Search is the ability for you to search for specific articles in your Feedly feeds and boards. You can think of it as a personalized search engine focusing only on the sources you trust. It is one of the top Feedly Pro features. In Experiment 07, we implemented a mobile-friendly version of the experience available on the Web.

Like on the Web, you can use operators (AND, OR, quotes, etc..) to refine your searches and use filters to narrow the result to the right sources, content time or popularity.
Questions for the Pro community
Question 3 – Are you satisfied with the new mobile Power Search user experience? Where you able to easily find a specific article in your Feedly?
Question 4 – Is there a feature we could add to Power Search to make it more useful to you?
Please join the 07-power-search channel on Slack if you would like to discuss the Power Search feature with the product team.
As part of the continuous polish effort, we added settings support. You can now access the settings panel from the bottom of the left navigation bar and customize: the theme, the start page, the auto-mark-as-read behavior, the default view, and many more features.

The lack of paged scrolling has been one of the biggest “snakes” in the new design. About 10 % of the users seem to prefer paged scrolling to the new smooth scrolling. We decided last week to try to understand more. We created a private Slack channel with the 75 people who were not satisfied with the new smooth scrolling. Through these conversations, we learned that what users really liked about the old experience is that it made it easy to not over-scroll or under-scroll and empowered users to scroll through content faster.

As part of Experiment 7, we are pushing out an idea a few users suggested: it would be nice to have a preference which would allow you to have some kind of intelligent scrolling that would automatically stop at the right place.
If you go to the new settings panel, you will see a “Paged” scrolling option that should allow you to play with this idea.
Question to the community
Question 5 – If you are part of the “I miss the old scrolling” camp, is this option enough to remove all the frustration caused by the lack of productivity? Let us know in the 01-scrolling channel
Upgrade to Pro
As part of Experiment 07, we now allow non-pro users to upgrade to Pro and either unlock some interesting feature or just back Feedly. To thank the Lab community, this mobile upgrade to Pro offers a free 30-day trial.

Question to the community
Question 6 – If you end up trying the upgrade experience, please let us know what you think and if there are friction points we could remove.
Question 7 – If you are not a Pro user, please let us know if there is a feature we could add to the Pro offering to inspire you to upgrade!
Please use the 08-pro Slack channel for all the Pro related conversations.
Next Three Weeks
The focus of the next 3 weeks is to finalize the iPad implementation and polish as much as we can.
Question 8 – If you still see any gaps preventing you from using the new Lab app as your primary reading/research experience, we would love to hear about them.
We would like to thank once again everyone in the Lab community for participating in this giant experiment and helping us design the best Feedly possible. Your feedback and ideas help us better understand how you use the product and how to optimize and refine our decisions.
-Edwin, Petr, and Emily
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Article to article swipe

The Mobile+AI Lab is now 4,000 strong! It is an incredible learning opportunity for us. It feels great to see the community actively participate in the key design decisions.
The most popular feature request from the past 2 weeks is the ability to swipe between open articles.

John took some time this week to enable swiping in the Lab app. Now, when you have an article open, you can swipe to the previous or next article without having to go back to the list.

We are also taking advantage of this build to add some other feature requests and bug fixes.
Questions for the community
Question 1 – What are the missing features or design frustrations preventing you from switching to the Lab app from the old Feedly app? Please let us know in the #general channel of the Lab Slack.
Question 2 – Do you use Feedly on an iPad? Did you join the new #ipad channel on Slack?
Here is the detailed changelog:

Fixed “Edit source settings freeze” Thank you Paul Adams and DCDawg
Fixed “Nav bar is clipped on iPhone SE iOS 12” Thank you curiouscamilo and Heals
Fixed “Long press to open mark-as-read options on iPhone 6”
Removed “Second level hide gesture feels dangerous and confusing” Thanks JayDB
Added “Double tap to close an article”
Fixed “Honor visit website directly preference” Thank you Daron B, Dan Newman, Scott S.
Started “Landscape mode support” Thank you kolepard and Borja L.
Fixed “Amazon link crash” Thank you audioper
Fixed “Allow paste for the password in the Login screen and search screen” Thank you Patrick, Dwight McKay, Lars, sonofcy, Paul Adams
Fixed “Adding sources in discovery does not work” Thank you Alex Frances
Added “Define option to text selection menu”

-Edwin, Emily, and Petr
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How to Send Newsletters On Demand

There are some common questions about the “send now” feature for team newsletters. Here is a quick reference to guide you through the steps.
Sending newsletters on demand makes it easy to grab a snapshot of your team boards and feeds. We want to help your team move forward and save time!
Time is of the essence, so let’s review the steps and jump into your questions!
How To Send Now:

Save new articles to your board (Nothing saved since the last email, the board won’t send now)
Open your Newsletter dashboard
Select the board or feed to send now
Click send now

Newsletters are proving to be a useful tool for team collaboration.
Our teams use them internally, and we will keep building with your feedback in mind.
Thank you to all the teams who have sent questions, feedback, and bug reports!
Why didn’t I receive my newsletter? Common problems & solutions:

No new articles saved since the last newsletter sent. It will only send if there are new articles available (ie. saved) in the board.
Solution: For now, we suggest removing and then re-saving some articles to the board. After that, return to the newsletter dashboard and hit “send now” once again.
It works the same way the very first time you activate a newsletter and for your future scheduled newsletters.
Maybe the newsletter is in spam.
Solution: Please check your spam folder and add <teams@feedly.com> to your address book. That will tell your email provider to deliver newsletters to your inbox.

What articles will (or won’t) be included in the newsletter when I hit Send Now?
On-demand newsletters only include new articles saved since the last newsletter sent. This is the most common reason why a newsletter doesn’t send.
To send an on-demand newsletter with specific articles, we suggest removing and then re-saving those articles to the board. After that, return to the newsletter dashboard and hit “send now” once again.
What about analytics?
Coming soon
How do I add newsletters to my Feedly account?
We suggest starting a 30-day free trial of Feedly Teams. The trial gives you full access to newsletters and our support team. We are here to help you and your team get the most out of Feedly.
Thank you for trying newsletters! Have a question not answered here? Ask us in the comments or in the app.
— Victoria, Remi, and Emily
More posts about Newsletters:
Newsletter examples
Introducing Team Newsletters
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First Five Experiments

Over the last five years, we have done lots of small changes to the Feedly Mobile application. All aligned on offering you the best Web reading experience possible.
As the mobile app is reaching its end of life. It is time for a new app, and a new design.
Given that redesigns are hard, we have opted for a more open, collaborative, and fun process. We call it the Mobile+AI Lab.
Here’s how it works: Every two weeks, we push out a new version of the beta app to the Lab community. We use Slack to collect feedback and ideas to integrate back into the beta for more testing.
You can see the results of the past ten weeks on the Lab Trello.
We are so impressed with this new process that we are scaling the Lab to 4,000 early adopters from 400 currently.
So that we are all on the same page, here is a summary of the first five experiments and what we learned. We love your candid feedback. We know that the beta app is still very early and raw. You will not hurt our feelings. We see your concerns and frustrations as opportunities to improve.
Experiment 01 — New Smooth Scrolling
This is a big change from paged scrolling. We want to make sure that we learn so that smooth scrolling is superior in every way possible.
Test for yourself:
Join experiment 01-scrolling
Read the blog post
Question for the community:
Do you prefer the new smooth scrolling or the old paged scrolling? If you prefer the old paged scrolling, please let us know why?
Experiment 02 — New Views
Maximizing screen space is really important for a lot of users, so we added a compact view option.
Test for yourself:
Join experiment 02-views
Read the blog post
Question for the community:
Are you satisfied by the new views? Any gaps?
Experiment 03 — New Tab Navigation
The lab community tested our new bottom tab bar and open/close animation, helping to fine-tune these two features.
Test for yourself:
Join experiment 03-navigation
Read the blog post
Question for the community:
What do you think of the new article open/close animation?
Experiment 04 — New Mark As Read Workflows
Different people have different workflows. So with the new app, we are supporting a few different workflows.
Test for yourself:
Join experiment 04-mark-as-read
Read the blog post
Question for the community:
Where you able to optimize your mark-as-read workflow with one of the five options?
Experiment 05 — New Night Mode
Some people love a darker reading mode. The community has been playing a key role in tuning the contrast and colors used in the night mode.
Test for yourself:
Join experiment 05-night-mode
Read the blog post
Question for the community:
Are you satisfied with the contrast of the new night mode? If not, please let us know what luminosity level you use.
Welcome on board. We look forward to collaborating with you!
-Edwin, Petr, Emily