Leo and Mute Filters

Some of the sources you follow in Feedly are broader than the topics and trends you care about. That additional noise can add up and become overwhelming or result in you wasting precious time.

We believe that noise is the enemy and we have been building a new Leo skill called Mute Filters to let you cancel that noise.

In this article, we will show you how to use Leo mute filters to mute keywords, companies, people, topics, authors, sites, and more.


Let’s get started!

Mute keywords

Want to avoid a spoiler about Game of Thrones until you have finished reading all the books or tired of hearing about Pokemon Go or the latest Apple monitor?

Train Leo to mute Game of Thrones

You can train Leo to mute specific keywords and remove all mentions of those keywords from your feeds, temporarily or permanently.

Note: with Leo Mute Filters, you no longer need to use quotes around phrases with spaces. Leo will take care of converting the input into the right query.

Mute companies

Curating content to share on Social Media and want to avoid mentions of your competitors?

Train Leo to mute mentions of SAP in your business feed

You can train Leo to mute each of your competitors and automatically remove all the articles mentioning those competitors.

Mute people

Want to avoid articles about specific celebrities, politicians, or executives?

Train Leo to mute mentions of Kim Kardashian

Creating a Leo mute filter for a celebrity, politician or executive will automatically remove all the articles that mention that person from your feed.

Mute topics

Following a broad source like TechCrunch, Wired and Forbes but do not care about topics like gaming? Or following a keyword alert for a public company but do not care about financials or market reports?

With Leo mute filters, you can mute topics and increase the focus of your feeds. Leo ships with 1,000 pre-trained topics.

Mute authors

Do not like a specific author from one of the sources you follow?

Train Leo to mute a specific author with the author: operator

With the author: operator, you can train Leo to look for specific authors and mute all the articles from that author in your feed. (Sorry Katherine, we actually love your work!)

Mute title patterns

Want to remove articles which have a specific keyword in their title?

Train Leo to look for a keyword in the title of an article

With the title: prefix, you can train Leo to look for a mention of a keyword in the title of the article and mute the matches.

Mute sites

Finding some of the sources referenced in Google News Keyword Alerts irrelevant?

Train Leo to mute specific sites using the site: operator

With the site: prefix, you can train Leo to mute specific sites from your keyword alerts.

Forever or temporarily

When you create a Leo mute filter, you can specify a duration.

Select a duration

Once you have trained Leo with a mute filter, you can easily remove, pause or resume that filter via the Train Leo page.

Pause or remove a mute filter

Like with all the other Leo skills, it was important for us that you always feel in control and can continuously refine your Leo as your needs evolve.

While reading

When reading articles, Leo will highlight the most salient entities mentioned in the content. This makes it easy to click on them and priorities or mute those entities.

Mute an entity while reading

You can also highlight any snippet of text and mute that phrase

Highlight and mute any phrase

Finally, when reading an article, you can click on the Less Like This button and easily mute one of the topics Leo has associated with the article

Train Leo to mute a topic vis Less Like This

On mobile or on the web

The Leo mute filter skill is available both on the Web and on mobile (version 65+).

You can train Leo to mute topics and keywords on mobile.

From a feed

Train Leo to mute mentions of Apple on your Business feed

From an article

Train Leo to mute mentions of Spark New Zealand

From less like this (long swipe from right to left)

Train Leo to mute a topic via Less Like This

Curious about trying Leo Mute Filters on some of your feeds? Join the Leo program



What happens to mute filter v1?

Pro users will be able to continue to use a more basic version of mute filters. The syntax of those mute filters have changed to the v2 syntax to allow more efficient processing on the back end.

Some of the v1 mute filters using advanced queries can not be migrated to v2 will remain active as legacy filters until user delete them.

Are there limits to the number of Leo mute filters a user or team can create?

One of the benefit of the Leo mute filters is that they can be processed more efficiently by our back-end. As a result, we are increasing the limit of Leo mute filters for Business users from 100 total to 100 per feed.

Can non-Teams user access Leo?

We will be offering Leo to non-business users later this year via a Feedly Pro+ priced at $12/month. You can request early access to Pro+ here.

Can a mute filter target a specific source?

No. Mute filters can target a list of sources (what we call a feed) or all your feeds.